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Pay-per-click advertising is a proven technique to create a positive impact in increasing traffic and revenue. With our best PPC services, you can find solutions to all your advertising Needs and generate leads and profits. As PPC specialists we help to create arresting content and to place the ads in the right place. Come to us for the best PPC marketing services and to stay at the top in the competitive business world.


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      Looking for the best pay-per-click advertising – WebDigiGates offers the best PPC services with high ROI

      Leading PPC Service Providers in Bangalore

      Our PPC expert services can help all businesses from fresh start-ups to massive corporates to increase leads and create new records in sales and revenue. We are one of the leading PPC service providers in Bangalore and we promise to elevate your brand with our high-quality services and solutions. We are the one-stop solution for all your PPC needs including Search ads, Video ads, Display ads, Remarketing ads, shopping ads, etc. 

      PPC Advertising is essential for any kind of business – Why?

      PPC is suitable for all sizes – small, medium, and large businesses. It helps you to attract and entrap potential customers. If you are not using PPC you are missing the golden opportunity of growing your business online. Do you want to know why it is so essential as a search engine marketing tool?

      • Unlike other digital marketing tools, Pay-Per-Click advertising gives instant results. There is no need to wait to see if the campaign is effective or not. So, you can cancel or reduce your advertising budget. This enables cost savings.
      • You have to pay only for the clicked ads. So, it is cost-effective and guarantees high ROI.
      • you are assured of consistent traffic.
      • Moreover, it is the right option for businesses that want to generate quick revenue and for seasonal businesses that are short-lived.

      The best PPC Advertising Services will be able to guide you to make your campaign a success. 

      What Are the Different Types of PPC Ads and How do They Work?

      A good PPC Services Company will offer you a wide array of PPC services. You should know about them to know which the best is for you. 

      Search ads

      The ads that appear on the top of the search results on Google are Search ads. There are no visuals but Only text. You have to select the right keywords and then enter an auction to bid for the placement of your ad. Google ads management services will do it for you efficiently. A Google ads consultant knows the tactics to bid.

      Display ads

      These ads are targeted at people who are currently interested in products similar to your own. They are not all-text ads. Display ads include images along with the text. You have to bid in an auction like search ads but your ad copy must get the approval of Google. If you want to make sure your ad is not denied it is better to get the help of Google ads management services.

      Remarketing ads

      They are shown to people who have shown interest in your products. This is profitable because the chances of conversion are more. A Google ads consultant will decide if the dynamic or standard remarketing campaign will suit you.

      Video ads

      Video ads are gaining a lot of popularity these days. However, you should make it short, sweet, and interesting to capture the attention of the audience. PPC specialists are the right choice to help you create a stunning visual.

      Video ads

      Video ads are gaining a lot of popularity these days. However, you should make it short, sweet, and interesting to capture the attention of the audience. PPC specialists are the right choice to help you create a stunning visual.

      Shopping ads

      These ads contain images and details of the product and appear above Google search results. Shopping ads are similar to window shopping in the offline market. As the customer knows all details of the product before they click on the ad, the chances of conversion are more. PPC experts will guide you better on how to succeed using shopping ads.

      Paid Social ads

      Paid social ads are displayed when people browse social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. You have the option of going for image ads and video ads. Social media reach is effective in search engine marketing.

      How your business can benefit from PPC Services?

      Better targeting of the audience

      Only potential customers with a genuine interest in your product will click on the ad. So, you are assured of better targeting of the relevant audience. 

      More traffic at low budget

      You pay only for the ads that are clicked and the users who click on the ads will visit your website. So, you are assured of more traffic at a low cost. 

      Quick results

      Who doesn’t want instant results through an advertisement campaign? Carefully managed Pay per click advertising is not only easy to launch but also yields fast results. 

      Better brand awareness

      When you use PPC to target your industry-related keywords people who search for those keywords will see your advertisement. This creates brand awareness and brand familiarity. 

      Increase in ROI

      PPC campaigns are easily measurable. You can make changes and improve the ads until you get a good ROI. This means you never have to spend more than the returns. 

      Why Choose WebDigiGates for your PPC Advertising?

      Are you worried that if you hire the wrong PPC Services Company, you will waste your hard-earned money? Don’t worry. You will never have regrets if you hire us. Do you know why?

      We understand your goals, plans, and your budget and create a campaign customized to fit your needs. Our PPC experts have updated knowledge of the ever-changing PPC advertising world. We provide all types of PPC advertising services to give maximum satisfaction to our clients. Our biggest pluses are:

      • A team of competent and dedicated professional Google ad consultants
      • Knowledge of what to do and how to do it for all types of businesses
      • Assurance of cent percent efforts and results
      • Guaranteed maximum ROI
      • Working with the updated tools
      • In-time delivery
      • Continuous monitoring and measuring of the performance of the ads

      Our goal is to boost your quality score and increase your revenue online.

      It will be a daunting task to set up the best PPC campaign that will generate good revenue. You should find a PPC services company to do it for you but not all Google ads management services can generate a high ROI. We are the right choice to capture your audience and increase your conversion rate.

      We are ready to join hands with you to start your profitable PPC campaign. Are you ready? Contact us TODAY to have a discussion and develop an outline of the campaign plan.

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        The team has been very impressive with good ideas and suggestions. They are patient in listening to our needs and are dedicated to their work. They have done a commendable job in giving a global reach to our business. Highly recommended.


        WebDigiGates has done a magnificent job in establishing a strong online presence for our business. They have a team of talented experts and a wide variety of updated tools to turn our expectations into a reality. Grateful for their sincere efforts.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          It provides high ROI and helps you to generate profit. You are assured of fast results at an affordable cost.
          • More traffic
          • Faster results
          • Increase in revenue
          • Cost and budget control
          • Increase in brand awareness
          • Better ROI
          • Suitable to attract local people

          Our services include

          • Bidding on the right keywords
          • Create optimized landing pages
          • Capture the attention of the audience
          • Improve the quality score
          • Manage PPC campaigns

          Our services also include all types of PPC advertising like search ads, display ads, social ads, remarketing ads, video ads, shopping ads, etc.

          The basic components include

          • Heading
          • Display URL and
          • Description